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The short version?

We build awesome websites.

The long version

If it's related to websites, we do it. Whether you need a full website built, or just need some “tweaks” to an existing site, Lumpberry Web Studio can help.

Design and Develop

Today, websites are more than just an afterthought, they are the face of your company. For many, your site will be the first marketing they see for your company. Lumpberry uses cutting edge technology and keeps up with the latest in internet trends to ensure that your site presents your business in the most up to date light as possible. Lumpberry will use their creative talents to create your site, whether it is taking your existing brand and building around it, or building from the ground up, including logo. We will create the content based on your specifications, or if you want us to present your message in your words, that's okay too. Again, we're designing your site.

Webmaster Services

Sometimes a site doesn’t need to be replaced, just “tweaked”, like giving a car a tune-up.  If you find that your site is one that needs some TLC, or a quick update, we can do that too.  Or if you find that your site needs regular maintenance, you might be interested in our on-going webmaster package, which also includes regular reports, outlining visitor traffic using Google Analytics.  Included in these reports are expert interpretation of what those numbers mean.

Photography Services

Need some product photos? Just want a nice landscape picture? At Lumpberry Web Studio, we also offer photography services, with professional equipment, ensuring you get the images that match your branding. After we've taken the photos (as many as it takes), we make sure they capture the perfect mood and message, editing where required. We then compress them for web, so that not only are your images beautiful, but also web-friendly, allowing for both optimum viewing, and page loading. Need video? We do that too! From regular to time lapse, we will custom the video to meet your needs.

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