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At Lumpberry Web Studio, our philosophy is simple...

We aren't just building a website. We're building your website.

We believe that there is nobody who knows your business better than you. So who better to help build your website? While we do what we do best, which is design and develop your website, we also enlist the person who knows your business best…you! Regardless of the size or scope of the project, we believe in a collaborative effort, ensuring that we are building the best online representation of your business as possible.

We work with you...

At Lumpberry Web Studio, we believe that our relationship with our client is just as important as our website designs. Whether it is web design, development or web mastering, from start to finish, we ensure that we work with you so that there are no surprises at the end.

While some companies use template software to build sites, Lumpberry Web Studio specializes in custom built websites, built from the code up. Whenever a question starts with, "Can we build it so…", the answer is invariably yes. Located just outside of Owen Sound, Ontario, our clients are based throughout Canada.