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Jamie Hynds

The Birth of a Dream...

Lumpberry Web Studio evolved slowly over several years, starting as an idea sometime in 2006. At that time, Jamie Hynds, owner of Lumpberry, had several ideas evolving in regards to various sites, and began studying web development. Life got in the way, and things moved slowly until he began to learn in earnest by taking weekend courses.

Shortly after beginning these courses, he decided to pursue his passion full time, earning his designation as a webmaster. At that point, when deciding on a name, he decided to honour his even bigger passion, his girls Grace and Madeline, or, as he called them, Lumpy and Blueberry. Thus, Lumpberry Web Studio was born!

Being an early adopter of the Internet, Jamie followed trends and patterns of the evolution of the information highway. One thing he noticed was that, while technologies evolved, much of the content remained stagnant. To the other extreme, many websites embraced the technologies, but at the expense of user friendliness and usability.

Spending many years in the corporate environment, Jamie also brings the perspective of the business world to the table when helping a client determine how to best present their products and/or services on the Internet. With an eye on design and a professional image expected of any size company, Lumpberry Web Studio builds each site to meet the unique needs of the client. Located near Owen Sound, Ontario, Lumpberry services clients all over Ontario and beyond!